Dr.Towolawi Herbal Mixture Honey Blend

Dr. Towolawi Herbal Mixture for men prevents and treats impotence, weak erection, quick ejaculation, shrinked penis, increases sperm count, regulates blood pressure, improves scanty urination, alleviate waist pain and pile, anxiety and depression.


This medicine achieves penile erection within 1 to 8 hrs of use depending on individual body chemistry. But for general well being and to effectively open up the veins and blood capillaries of the reproductive system for optimum restoration of sustainable erectile function, Dr. Towolawi Herbal Liquor or Dr. Towolawi Herbal Mixture will have to be taken daily for between 3 - 6 months if there is no sexually transmitted infection, kidney problem, sterility, libido depressor from hypertension and diabetic related drug and other illnesses.