Yam and Egg Pancakes
Redefining a classic Nigerian breakfast staple into creative fun ways.
  • Boiled Yam
  • Chopped mixed veg - onions, chilies, spring onions, bell peppers etc
  • 2 eggs - or more depending on how much yam you have
  • Salt
  • Seasoning cubes - optional
  • Vegetable oil
  1. If you have leftover pounded yam, that will be excellent as you have skipped stage 1. If you don't, just boil your yam as normal and use a potato masher or a food processor to turn it into mash.
  2. Add the chopped vegetables. Onions, bell pepper, ata rodo (scotch bonnet/habanero pepper) and spring onions to make it colourful.
  3. Add the eggs. Depending on how much yam you have, add a minimum of two eggs to start with. If you are making it for just yourself, start with 1. then work your way to two eggs if the batter is too thick. There is no water in this recipe. 
  4. The key is, the batter must be thick. If it is too watery, the pancake will break apart when you try to flip it, and it may spill into a mess if you use a waffle maker or sandwich toaster. Depending on how much pepper you add, your batter may be pale or pink
  5. Once it is thick and gloopy, season with salt and/or seasoning cubes. 
  6. Heat up a non stick or in this case a cast iron pan with a little oil as you would a regular pancake. Scoop on the batter and use the back of the spoon to spread it out into a wider circle. Because this recipe has no flour in it, you will be best making mini thick pancakes, otherwise the pancake will split when you try to flip it over. So, you need a sufficiently thick, but not too thick pancake.
  7. Cook this on medium heat to allow the pancakes cook properly on one side without burning, so you can flip it over to cook the other side without breaking the pancake. Having a frying spoon that is wide enough for the pancake to sit on comfortably before you flip also helps it stay intact.
  8. When both sides have browned, take it out of the pan and repeat the process. 

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