Ewa Aganyin

Ewa Aganyin Ingredients 

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 Ewa Aganyin Directions

The Beans

  1. Pick the beans and boil in water till it absorbs all the water. If you cook white beans in enough water, it retains its pale colour, to darken let it absorb all the water just as with rice and continue cooking.
  2. Once the beans have darkened as you can see from the colour above, the beans will still be whole, which is not what you want. So, scoop it out of the pot into another pot, add more water and continue boiling. 
  3. With the beans now boiling in another pot, leave it to boil until it begins to form a thick creamy sludge. The heat will break bits of the beans down to form a creamy sludge. This sludge will not form if there is too much water in the pot. If after a while you haven’t achieved this it means you have too much water in the pot, decant some of it and let it continue boiling.
  4.  Use a wooden spoon and mash the beans against the sides of the pot. Do this until you have a paste. 


Learn How To Prepare Ewa-Agoyin With These Few Steps

The Aganyin fried sauce

  1. Soak the dried components in water to soften, which makes it easier to blend. Dooney’s Kitchen Tip: use water sparingly, just enough to cover it because some of the essence of the pepper will drain out into the water, which you will also use in blending.
  2. Once the peppers are soft and plump. Roughly blend. 
  3. Bleach the palm oil in a deep pan. I used roughly 1/4 cupLet the palm oil bleach under high heat until it turns dark brown. Dice the onions while the palm oil is bleaching.
  4. Once you have achieved the dark brown colour, turn off the heat and throw in the onions. If you don’t turn of the heat, the onions will burn very fast.
  5. Let it fry till the onions till it starts to burn then add the cayenne pepper. This will cause the oil to form bubbles. Turn the heat back up TO LOW and sprinkle in salt. NO SEASONING CUBES. 
  6. Still under low heat, add the blended pepper in bits every 1 minute. By doing this, you are boiling and frying in a cyclic process.
  7. When all the pepper has been introduced into the pan, keep stirring and simply let the sauce fry. As it fries you will see the colour getting darker, and the sauce getting grittier. You will also be able to notice the change in aroma. The heat is low, so just continue frying till the palm oil floats to the top with bubbles.

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